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40% Rule

40% rule...

Right now, on top of my family obligations, GRIT, and my business, I’ve added training for a 1/2 marathon to my plate.

I’m not a great runner. I’m not a good runner...or even a mediocre runner. Why would I decide to train for a half marathon, in 4 months time, when I can’t even run a 5k without taking walking breaks?

I believe in the 40% rule.

David Goggins, Navy Seal, elite athlete and all around badass, says that when your mind says you’re done, you’re only at 40% of your capacity. You have 60% more reserves to tap into.

I’ve proven to myself, through GRIT, that if I can get my mind to push through the 40% barrier, whatever it may be, that once I’ve done it the first time, it becomes infinitely easier to do it again.

I just did my first long run of my training schedule on Saturday. Long is a relative term, because it was only 4 miles. Prior to that though, the furthest I’ve gone is 5k.

I did this run after doing my GRIT sandbag workout (probably should’ve flipped that in retrospect) and my body was already tired. At mile two, my lesser self said “Bitch, you can’t go four miles! Look at yourself. You’re a mess. Tired, dragging, ready to quit. Why the fuck do you think you’re going to be able to complete 13.1 miles when you are ready to quit at 2 miles? Just give up.”

Lesser Heather had a lot of good points. She made a strong case. I let her keep chattering all the way through mile 2.

Mile 3 came and I was sweating buckets, my shins hurt so bad and I was out of breath.

Heroic Heather knew that all she had to do was get me past my mental barrier of 3.1 and she’d be golden. At 2 miles, I was at 40%. I was not only aboard the struggle bus, I was Sandra Bullock in Speed, driving the bus frantically in circles, trying to stay alive.

3.1 miles came and went. At 3.2 miles the mental weight immediately lifted. I pushed up the speed and kicked that last .8 mile’s ass.

I’m not scared to attack my big goals now, because I know I just have to push past the pain at 40% and I’ll get to the finish line.

What’s your mile 2 and when are you going to push past the 40% threshold to get to the finish line of that dream?

Pic: post 4 mile sweaty selfie.

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