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A yellow dress

Last week sometime, I was going through my friend Lularoe Shylah B.website to find a dress. I chose black with white polka dots. Why? Because it’s safe. I still have a love/hate relationship with my body most days, like most of us. Black makes me feel like I can look cute and hide at the same time.

My sister said “no, you aren’t wearing black. You’re too fun to keep wearing black” and she picked out this yellow dress.

I’m so happy she did that. This dress is adorable, bright, cheerful and full of life. It’s a physical representation of what I feel like on the inside right now.

I don’t know when I’m going to start picking out clothes that reflect my inside instead of always choosing black. But I am grateful I’m surrounded with people who tell me no when I need it.

Do you use your clothes to hide? Or do you use them to speak to the world about who you are today?

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