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I had to look up the definition of alchemy (don’t judge me) and then had to google how to use it in a sentence (I said don’t judge me!).

Definition of alchemy: a seemingly magical process of transformation.

Used in a sentence: She practiced her alchemy in the kitchen, turning a pile of vegetables into a delicious salad.

Used in a sentence (that’s the actual sentence google gave me when I asked) I believe alchemy to mean something we do so well that it looks easy or “magical” to other people. Something that should be really hard and therefore seems unbelievable to the world at large when achieved.

The definition says “magical process of transformation“.

Magic implies there’s no process though. Magic is mystical and is supposed to defy logic. Transformation isn’t magical at all. The “results” of transformation may look magical because you can’t fathom doing the amount of work it took to get there, but that doesn’t make it magic.

I’m on a transformation journey right now and I can tell you, it’s not magical. It’s hard ass work. Day in and day out.

It’s a CONSTANT battle.

Want to improve your health and fitness? Guess what you have to do? Work out EVERY DAMN DAY and eat better EVERY DAMN DAY. No magic there.

Want to build a profitable business that impacts the world? What do you have to do? Work your ass off, study, research, get coaching, take constructive criticism, put yourself out there to possibly fail publicly. Magic? Mmmmmm, no.

Want a lasting marriage? What’s that...I’m going to tell you it’s a lot of work? Yup! Marriage is hard, building a life with someone is hard, compromising is hard. Magical? When you do the work it can feel magical, but it’s the work that got you to the warm fuzzies, not magic.

After researching alchemy I’ve decided it’s bullshit and maybe alchemy is why people are misguided about what it takes to transform their lives, which is subsequently why so many people don’t ever experience sustained growth.

Transformation isn’t a product of magic. It’s a product of having the GRIT to not give up, to figure it out and to push forward.

Alchemy, take your magic elsewhere. We’re busy actually working over here, we don’t have time for your illusions.

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