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An open letter to my 50 year old + ladies...

An open letter to my 50 year plus ladies....

I’ve had several conversations over the last few days with ladies in my life who are all over 50 years old and after those convos, I need to talk to you.

So if you’re 50 years or older, please listen closely.

The Heathers of the world need you.

See, you might not realize it but we are still watching you. My 20s, 30s and 40s girls are looking ahead at you 50s, 60s and 70s to see what the potential is for us.

Honestly, what we are seeing is dim. So many of you ladies act like it’s time to pack it in at 50. That’s is all down hill from there.

Girls, we need you to step it up.

You are sassy, funny, capable, strong badasses. PLEASE start owning that.

Is your body a little worse for wear? Maybe. Has your spirit been broken down over the years by life and loss? Of course it has. Are there a plethora of lessons you could be sharing freely with your daughters from those bumps along the way? (Newsflash, we are all your daughters).

Of course there are!

You are smarter than us, wiser than us, and more experienced than us.

You are doing us a disservice by not owning your story and sharing it.

You hold the pen and guess what? It’s NEVER too late to write yourself a new story.

Be the kindhearted badass I know you are.

Put on a damn show by living your best life, whatever that looks like for you, because you have an audience. Me.

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