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Anarchy... I like it

My strategy is anarchy...

My husband is very strategic, so when I had to sit down for my writing today on strategy, I asked him if he thought a strategic mind is something you’re born with, because I don’t have one.

He said, “your strategy is anarchy”.

Anarchy: a state of disorder due to lack of authority.

Ya, I think that pretty much sums me up.

Left to my own devices I’m squirrelly. Kelly and I have been reciting “SHINY! SHINY!” at each other for 20 years in regards to how easily we are distracted.

I jump into things with no regard to how it’s actually going to turn out. I function on feelings instead of facts. I felt good about it? Then it was a success! Yay!

Pump the brakes. Sometimes things I feel good about are actually failures, and even worse, failures I didn’t learn from because I “felt” like it was great.

My friend Eric wrote his post about strategy today and in it he talked about the military invented concept called Commander’s Intent (CI). Where in their orders, instead of having a play by play of their mission, the CI is placed at the top of the order, giving people the flexibility to make decisions in the moment while keeping the Commander’s Intent for the mission in mind with every move.

This allows them to be flexible and strategic at the same time.

I’m pretty good with flexibility, you kind of have to be as a parent and business owner. Nothing ever goes according to plan. I don’t often have a Commander’s Intent for my missions though, I regularly lack strategy.

What is the end goal, the North Star of Compton Co? I don’t know.

What is the end goal, my North Star with StoryAthlete? Don’t know that either.

I’ve lacked the strategy of taking the time to have a 30,000 foot view of the things I’m investing my time in. I don’t have a Commander’s Intent, which would serve as my authority figure, therefore resulting in chaos.

Chris was correct, my general strategy has unintentionally been anarchy.

It’s time to become a little more military minded and set my intent, because ultimately I’m the commander.

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