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Answers are a reward for doing shit.

I was listening to Ed Mylett’s podcast yesterday and he was interviewing Matthew Hussey. If you don’t know who Matthew is, he’s this incredibly handsome British man who coaches people on relationships. He sounds like Harry Potter when he talks and that’s honestly reason enough to go listen to this episode, but he’s very dashing, so you may want to watch it on YouTube so you can stare at his face for an hour.

Sorry, I got distracted by his charm and started rambling....I’m back on track now.

In this interview Matthew Hussey said, “answers are a reward for doing shit.” The moment he said it, I paused the podcast, stopped making necklaces, picked up my phone and typed that into my notes.

He was talking about people with relationship issues and how they just sit still and ask “what should I do?” Then they ask someone else, who has no part in the relationship in question, what they should do (moms, sisters, friends etc.) What they don’t do though, is take any action to find an answer, they just stay still asking questions over and over.

This is so relevant to every part of our lives. How often do we take counsel from people who have nothing to do with the situation we are in and aren’t qualified to advise us, instead of just doing something and seeing what the results are?

If you want an answer, to anything, you have to do something to get it.

Since I have a StoryAthlete affiliate link, I get to be a part of this business training group led by Ryan Fletcher. I have a lot of questions (so many that I asked if I’m misusing the group because I talk WAY more than anyone else in there).

I don’t ask questions without any action though, which is why Ryan takes the time to give me answers.

Answers are a reward for doing shit.

So when he says on a training call you need ClickFunnels and this is why, I get the software, slog my way through building a funnel with Bri, turn in my work and then ask my questions.

In turn he takes the time to critique my work and give me ideas about how to make it better.

I get the answers because I do the shit.

Have questions? My suggestion: do some shit so you can earn your answers. Also, don’t go ask your mom, she probably doesn’t know. I’m a mom now and we mostly just make shit up to seem like we have it together.

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