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Backyard Farms

Backyard farmers

As you know, Chris and I dream of becoming farmers. I dream of sweet goats bleating and jumping around their jungle gym pasture. Horses hanging their heads over the fence for some wither scratches. Chris dreams of chicken coops, multi colored eggs and rabbit runs.

We decided to experiment to decide if we even actually like farming. We are officially backyard farmers!

Three bunnies quickly became five bunnies and will most likely continue to grow. If you were wondering (I know this is what you think about in your free time 😂) we named our does Mississippi and Meramec and our buck Ozark. Missouri became the farm theme and we started with bodies of water.

Chris went out back and cleared out a shed I’ve never seen the inside of as long as we’ve lived here so he can build a chicken coop out of it.

We are only a couple weeks in. We have no idea yet if we actually like farming.

As Chris was sitting in the living room last night building rabbit cages he asked me what I want to get out of this backyard farm experiment?

I said I want to be able to take the kids outside and hang out with the animals. I want to watch the chickens peck around the yard. I want to be able to utilize this as an opportunity to teach the boys about responsibility to others and doing things when they don’t want to. There will be many mornings no one actually wants to put their coats on and go all the way down the yard to do chores but they’ll get done anyway, and that’s a good lesson to learn young.

Experimentation is so important in life. Have a dream? Start small and test it out!

Want to write a novel some day? Start with a blog.

Want to run a marathon, start with a 5k.

Want to own a small creative business? Start with an Etsy shop.

Start testing. Start experimenting. Start playing around with your dreams.

What’s your dream? What’s one way you can (or have) start a small experiment to get you on the path to achieving it? Tell me below👇

Also: don’t you think I 100% need an angora rabbit? I mean...look at him!

Pic: Wally the rabbit, Pinterest.

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