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Balance is bullshit

Balance is bullshit...

“Kill two birds with one stone.” We’ve all heard that saying encouraging us to get multiple things done with one action. Batch and bundle.

In StoryAthlete one of the main things we learn is work/life integration over work/life balance.

Balance requires things to be separate. If you bundled things up and sat them opposite each other on a scale, the scale would tilt and wobble. There would be no balance.

We don’t want work life “balance”. Balance is very hard to achieve. Everything has to be perfectly weighted or the scales tip and things start to fall.

Integration is what we’re after in StoryAthlete. Can we bundle and batch? Can we kill lots of birds?

Yes, we can.

I post stories here almost every morning so I can connect with you guys. I also use that same story as my GRIT context, having looked to see the what my prompt is for the day first thing every morning. More than 2 birds there.

I’ve written one piece of content that I can reuse more than one place. That one story allows me to connect with all of my Compton Co; peeps plus my 70 GRIT peeps.

The same story can possibly reused for website content and definitely be repurposed as a blog post.

Mind, I write the story to myself, to work on my issues. Body, I use the story for my GRIT context. Business, I post my stories as part of my business daily to foster loving connection with my audience. Relationships, I get to grow deep and meaningful relationships through my storytelling.

One story, integrated through all four quadrants of my life. Not balanced, that would’ve taken four different stories.

I’m not always the best at this yet, but work/life integration is something I’m working on diligently, because balance is bullshit.


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