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Be a Kelly

The other day the context we had to write about in GRIT was “I pursue the non-consensus”.

Story Athletes, in general, are all a bunch of misfits who do things a little differently than the norm. We’re ok with this, as most of us have been this way our entire lives. We just happened to have found a group of other outliers now where we feel understood and supported.

As I read through everyone’s stories that day, there were so many contexts about how the people closest to them don’t support their Story Athlete journey. It made me sad for my friends.

I went to Indiana for 24 hours to visit my oldest friend, Kelly. Just to see her face in person because we both desperately needed some face time.

I got in Sunday afternoon. I had told her prior to coming I would need to carve out time to do my GRIT workout while I was there. At the time I didn’t know what it was going to be. I also needed to do a 3 mile run on top of that for 1/2 marathon training.

Monday we woke up and it was raining. “No big deal, I’ll just do my workouts when I get back in town Monday night at the gym”, I thought.

Wrong. Kelly had signed up for an entire membership at the rec center so she could take me as a guest because she knew my workout was a priority and she supports my goals wholeheartedly.

She went to the gym with me and walked alongside me as I ran my 3 miles. She held the phone for me while I watched CJ show me the 12 minutes of death workout. She was right next to me the whole time I worked on bettering myself, even though that took away some of our fun time.

Go out there and be a Kelly today. Your people will appreciate your support more than you know.

GRIT Dec update: my ass hurts so bad I can barely sit on the toilet.

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