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This is Bonnie the paint mare. I’ve been obsessed with her since she stepped foot on the ranch. She’s tall and gorgeous and everything I could dream of in a horse. Paints are my favorite.

Know what she told me yesterday?

“You actually suck at riding horses, Heather. I’m going to make that very clear to you.” 😂

She delivered on her word. Bonnie is a straight shooter, guys. Girl don’t lie.

I’ve been riding Saphira pretty consistently for about 5 months now, with a couple jaunts on Dakota thrown in there for good measure.

What I learned yesterday is that Saphira and Dakota are like bikes with training wheels. You remember when you were little and you could FLY around on your training wheel bike? You could do full on tricks, man. You were pretty confident that you were the best bike rider of all time.

Then your parents were like, “ok, you’re ready for the real deal bike!” and they took your training wheels off. Now you’re wobbly and you run into the back of your mom’s van because your dad assured your he wasn’t going to let go of the back of your seat and then like the liar he is, he freaking let go. You panicked, steered wrong and BOOM, face plant into the bumper.

That’s what happened to me yesterday with Bonnie.

Face plant into the bumper.

Just kidding, I didn’t actually crash the horse, you can call off PETA.

I did look like a 15 year old who just got their permit and their parents took them to the empty parking lot to learn how the car works, though. Oops, too much gas. Screech, those breaks are kind of touchy. This steering wheel is awfully responsive. I didn’t even see that trash can there!

Learning new skills is humbling. Just when you think you’ve kind of got it, you level up, and now you’re right back at the beginning.

I know that consistency is how Bonnie and I are going to learn to gel. I know I have to go back every Monday, mount up and try again, making 1% improvement each week until I’m posting like a champ and steering with a light hand.

1%. 1%. 1%. 1%.

1% improvement consistently until this time next year when Bonnie and I are cantering through the fields together like we’re long lost soul mates (we are, she just doesn’t know it yet 😉).

Bonnie, let’s do this thing.

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