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Book Worm

I’m a book worm. It’s where it all started.

When I was a kid, like most divorced kids in the 80s and 90s, I only saw my dad every other weekend. 4 days a month. Of those weekends he worked Saturdays. So now we were down to 2 days a month. We always spent our 2 Sundays together by going to the library. Books were our special thing. My dad is a voracious reader and passed that on to me.

On our Sundays we would go to the library and I would get my books for the next two weeks. I devoured every Baby-sitter’s Club, Fear Street and Goosebumps book there was. Exploring the pages of my books was my favorite thing to do.

I always knew books would be an important part of my life. Now book pages and words are my vehicle to bring wearable inspiration and encouragement to you.

A lifetime worth of loving books goes into every piece I make.

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