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Bunnies make me feel better..

That’s not how Heather behaves...

I went to the urologist today...no news yet. Scheduled me for a CT Scan next Tuesday and a scope of my bladder next Thursday.
I still have blood in my urine and constant urgency to go. He tested my bladder to make sure it’s fully emptying, it is. He reviewed my ultrasound. Nothing conclusive.

He told me no running, no jumping, no horseback riding. Nothing that could possibly cause any jarring of my bladder until further notice.

I left there frustrated and in a pouty ass mood. I mean, they just stole every joyful thing in my life until further notice and I was pissed about it.

It took me six hours to get myself right about this. To pout, whine and complain to Chris and all my friends that would listen.

Chris told me to get my shit together, that this isn’t how Heather acts and I better go find her right now. We practice tough love, and it’s not always fun to be on the receiving end of it, but I know he’s got my back when he’s figuratively shaking my shoulders like that.

My personal Yoda, Scott Mendell sent me a message and said “don’t forget to call all in on Feb GRIT.” I hadn’t called myself in yet because I was waiting to hear what the doctor said today to decide if I was going to even do February GRIT at all. He wasn’t happy with that answer, and rightfully so. I was being a whiny little bitch about it.

Scott said, “This is a pivotal moment for you. When you are hit with something you can’t will your way through without making things worse, can you find a way to overcome and still be a leader for your tribe? Which path will you take?” So, pretty much, go find Heather and get your shit together.

I don’t feel well, and my discomfort is making me very emotional. I wasn’t sure I could take on another GRIT and that in itself was making me panicky because I’ve grown to rely on GRIT as my foundation. I thought about not doing it, I really did. But that’s not how Heather behaves and I write her story. So I went and called myself all in.

I will have to modify probably 75% of the exercises next month to fit the restrictions the doctor has given me. I will be doing completely different things than everyone else and my body is pretty weak, so I’m going to have to do F2 everything to not worsen my condition.

GRIT isn’t about your physical ability though, it’s about proving to yourself that you can figure your way around every obstacle thrown at you.

So for every single one of you who have expressed interest and then said your body isn’t ready, you just aren’t in shape enough, or you have such and such health issue, this would be the month to join me, because I’m going to be modifying everything and I’m going to prove to you that you CAN do GRIT, regardless of what issues you feel like are holding you back.

Tomorrow is the deadline to sign up for Feb GRIT (starts on Monday Feb 3). If you want in, now is the time.

Pic: Chris brought me this bunny to cuddle to make me feel better. 😍


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