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Business Crossroads

I do hard things.

You know how I came up with that whole Kindhearted Badass code and made the four tenets of it? Number one is “I do hard things.”

Yesterday I regretted that.

I’m at a business crossroads. Getting sick made it clear that a handmade business is not scaleable or sustainable, and if I want to keep Compton Co; alive, I’m going to have to change directions. When I go down, the business goes down. There’s no room for life to get messy when you design and make your own things. Even with help from my mom and Bri, as we have it structured right now when I go down, the business goes down. Disaster.

So yesterday I contacted some of our stores to talk about breaking contracts early. Negotiated smaller spaces that will be easier to maintain in some others where we have longer term contracts. I talked to my mom, who is working with me right now, about the fact that things just aren’t going well business wise right now.

None of those things were easy. I did not want to do a single one of them. Not one.

After trying to run from them, ignore them, hope they got better, talk about it with Chris 500 times, try new software, etc etc etc, I faced the music yesterday and did the hard things.

I can’t create a code and then not live by it. Working out is hard but it’s easy in comparison to facing the fact that your business as you know it has to change if it’s going to survive.

I can’t claim to be a kindhearted badass and not do the hard stuff, take the punches and get back up.

I took the knocks yesterday, sat down with Chris and made a new plan. The new plan consists of carrying more products that we don’t have to make ourselves (example: mugs) with a singular message so that it’s clear what we are about.

The message: kindhearted badass.

I really meant everything about that code when I wrote it, I think they’re all crucial principles to live by.

I got really sidetracked with my health over the last 6 weeks and lost my badass. I’m attacking hard things so I can find it again. 💪

I’m always going to be a work in progress, and so are you. Let’s keep chasing our badass selves together. 😊

Side note: is there any specific KHB product you’d like to see? My friend Amanda suggested socks and I thought that was genius. Also...Gale Nation and I are working on some things together for these new products and I’m stoked about being kindhearted badasses with my bestie.

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