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Changing Faces

Both of these pictures were taken on days that I fixed my hair, put on makeup, put on a fancy dress and went out for the evening.

I felt beautiful in both of these photos. My weight didn’t change the fact that I loved that evening at the theater with Chris in the first photo.

I know though, looking back on that time, that feeling beautiful was a rarity for me. That feeling vibrant and full of life wasn’t a thing I was experiencing on a regular basis. I was tired, ashamed of myself and felt generally beat down.I didn’t have the confidence to do anything about it. I felt alone.

I got a message from an old friend recently and she said “I’m so happy you are thriving!”

The word thriving struck me, because the girl on the right...that’s exactly what she’s doing.

GRIT and StoryAthlete has given me the ability to thrive again.

I get a lot of questions about GRIT and StoryAthlete so I’m going to share my full story in my email starting on Sunday. It’s kind of a long story, even though I’ve only been a StoryAthlete for four months, so I’m going to break it up over a few days of emails.

If you aren’t on the email list but you want to hear how I went from the girl on the left to the girl on the right, let me know and I’ll add you.


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