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Continuing to improve and invest in myself...

Saphira for real hates it when I’m done with lessons and I make her do a photo shoot before I turn her out into the yard. 😂

Too bad sister, we are documenting this journey!

I haven’t had riding lessons in a couple weeks and I’ll tell you, doing GRIT has made me a much better rider (I’m no expert, let me be clear on that, I’m still a baby rider).

Horseback riding requires a lot of strength and body control to be able to do it well. Every slight movement you make when you’re in the saddle tells your horse something.

8 weeks ago I was bouncing around all over the place, but now I have the strength to tense my muscles and keep them tensed for longer periods of time, which helps me control my movements when I’m riding.

It’s taken me a long time to really invest in my body in this way and it’s bringing me improvements in every part of my life.

GRIT, you a bitch, but I love you anyway.

Saphira, sometimes the same can be said for you. You were a real good girl today though. I love your crabby face.

Ranch days are the best days. Grit & Grace Ranch.

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