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Crying Through it

Crying through it....

Cooper is standing at my feet, crying, with snot streaming down his face. I finished washing my hands, grabbed some extra paper towels and headed to the couch to cuddle him after a good face wipe.

Chris was headed out the door to work and got Colton down for his nap for me.

After Cooper settled into a snoring slumber, tucked in tight next to me, I texted Briana (my VA who literally saves my life daily and keeps Compton Co; running while I handle running noses).

We’re working on bringing our business into this century by using ClickFunnels. Attempting to utilize some marketing software to be more efficient at sales.

Three weeks ago, I had no idea what a funnel even was. Ryan Fletcher, founder of StoryAthlete, has given me way more of his time than should have been necessary, trying to teach me the business concepts I need to help me grow.

Today, as I was texting Bri, logged into ClickFunnels, trying to figure out what we are doing and having no luck, I posted a question to the business group inside StoryAthlete, asking for help, as well as sent Fletcher a message.

As Bri and I went back and forth together via voice messaging and text, Cooper woke up wailing, “My mouth is angry!” which means his throat hurts. He felt warm...off to get the children’s Tylenol.

After settling back into our cuddle puddle on the couch, Tylenol ingested but tears still flowing, I got a return message from Fletcher “Are you free, can you jump on?” with an attached Zoom link.

He’s trying to help me fix my tech troubles via video and I can’t jump on because Cooper needs my attention, and furthermore I wouldn’t have been able to hear Fletcher over the sick kiddo screeches anyway.

“I have a sick two year old crying in my lap. I’m so sorry. Can I have Bri Zoom you instead?”

Bri isn’t in StoryAthlete with me and Ryan Fletcher gets nothing out of helping me sell more necklaces.

His answer? “Sure.”

At this point I’m fighting tears. I’m trying to grow tiny humans and a tiny business simultaneously. More moments than not, the two clash violently into each other, making me feel like a failure at both.

Bri Zoomed with Fletcher for me while I held my baby and wiped my own tears. Shoving down feelings of inadequacy and plain stupidity that I’m not grasping the concepts I’m being taught in StoryAthlete business training.

Being a mom is hard. Being an entrepreneur is hard. Doing them at the same time seems impossible...but so did running 8 miles on Sunday and I did that. So did hill sprints with the double stroller, dead hangs in the rain and army crawls on the playground. I cried my way to the other side of those and I’ll cry my way to the other side of ClickFunnels too.

Whatever you’re crying your way through right now...solidarity 👊. We’re going to get to the other side of it, one tear at a time.


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