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Cultivating GRIT

Cultivating GRIT.

A lot of you reach out about the GRIT program I do with questions. Three of my Compton Co; peeps have joined me in December. We are on day four together. I’m so proud of those girls for jumping, when they were unsure if they could actually do it.

Most of the questions, concerns really, I get are the worry of having to do it 28 straight days, worry of not being in shape enough, and worry they’ll quit on themselves like they have 1,000 times before.

I had all the same worries. I’ve tried every workout program on the market. Personal trainers, Beach Body, Couch to 5k, Zumba and on and on. I didn’t follow through on a single one of them. Not one.

Lack of follow through, coupled with what I can now look back and see was probably postpartum depression that went undiagnosed, is how I ended up at 240 pounds and miserable. Secluding myself in the house that was swallowing me up. Not even able to find the gumption to pick up the toys off the floor, because what’s the point? The kids will just throw them back down anyway.

By the time I found Story Athlete and GRIT, I had lost 40 pounds but was not working out at all. I was terrified my body would not be able to do what was asked of me. 200 pounds is still very heavy for me, I’m only 5’6”. I wasn’t packing 40 pounds of muscle either. Still just carrying around an extra 50 pounds of mush.

I juggle a lot, so much so that most of the time I’m dropping some of my balls. How can I possibly fit in a program that requires me to not only workout every day but write about it as well?

The first month I made it through because I committed to CJ Thomas that I would finish. I didn’t commit to myself, I quit on myself all the time. I committed to him.

If it’s in the back of your mind to join me in GRIT for January and you’re afraid of committing to yourself, because that’s not a strong enough commitment for you yet, commit to me. Commit to me that you’ll show up for the team for 28 days.

GRIT is a team sport, every member is important and valued. When you make it through 28 days straight, you’ll forever be a member of the strongest team I’ve ever witnessed.

If you need someone to commit to, you can commit to me. Just like I told the girls who joined me this month: I’ll never quit on you. Don’t quit on me.

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