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Damn it...

Damn it.
My two year old, Cooper, has unfortunately picked up the term “damn it”. Undoubtedly from his foul mouthed mother who is well know for uttering the profanity, sometimes under my breath, sometimes in a full blown bellow.

At first I told him it was a bad word and I was sorry for saying it. Please don’t say that, Mommy shouldn’t say that either. That didn’t work.

Damn it, he’s clearly just saying it to get a rise out of me now. I tried time out on the fireplace and taking toys away. No good.

Now I’m ignoring the fact that he’s saying damn it all over the house, trying to get my attention. Maybe once he realizes it doesn’t actually produce the result he wants, he will stop saying it.

If you see us out and about, and my two year old is shouting cuss words all over the place, just ignore us. I’m sorry we are a bunch of heathens.

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