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Do the hard stuff, it'll be worth it

This morning has been a big morning!

1. I was the very first client to ride in Grit & Grace Ranch’s new, gorgeous indoor arena.

2. Saphira and I rode our very first barrel pattern together today.

After my lesson Travis (owner) took Krystal (executive director/my instructor) and I on a Ranger tour of the new Grit and Grace property. 92 beautiful acres of rolling Missouri hills.

Watching your friends’ dreams come true in real time is so much fun. I’m so proud of these humans and everything they’re building. I feel so grateful to get to be a tiny part of their growth.

Whatever your dream is, guys, you have to chase it.

It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Ask Jackie and Travis. None of getting to where they are and are still headed has been easy. Driving through those 92 acres though, and seeing clients in the brand new arena, I can guarantee you they would tell you it’s worth it.

Do the hard stuff, it will be worth it. Just don’t ask Saphira if it’s worth it because she would tell you no, trotting that arena wasn’t worth it. 😂

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