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Don't stop learning and don't be afraid to learn something new!

I had riding lessons with this sweet girl, Maggie, today at Grit & Grace Ranch.

Things I learned: 

1. Horses can have sensitive skin just like we do. See those bumps on her shoulders? She gets hives from her bug bites just like I do. Soul sisters. 

2. When I practiced bridling her I learned about the different types of bridles. They differ due to how much control you need to have over the horse. Maggie needs a more experienced rider so her bridle was different than the one I used with Dakota last time. 

3. Some but not all of the parts of the saddle. Horn, pommel and cantle are what we went over today. 

4. I cleaned her hooves which were quite muddy. Holding a horse’s foot up with your one arm while using the tool to clean her hoof with the other is actually a bit of a workout. 💪

She wasn’t this muddy today, this photo is from the Ladies’ Night. When I’m at lessons I don’t have my phone on me and don’t think to take pictures afterward. That’s how I know I should be doing this. I never think about my phone, email, notifications, DMs, orders etc when I’m at the ranch.

Next time I go I’m mounting up. I’ll try to remember to have Krystal take a picture so I can share it with you.

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