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Finally it's fall!

Fall is officially here! I’m wearing a sweatshirt and the cutest upcycled plaid earrings of ALL TIME.

Plaid is my jam but I can’t wear it as a shirt because it makes me look like an actual lumberjack which is not cute. 😂 So I have to work plaid into my fall wardrobe with my accessories.

I used a baby’s onesie I picked up at Goodwill, one of those super adorable button down ones that snap under their butts, to make these earrings. Your fabric choices are not limited to what you find at the fabric store. Get creative and repurpose things. It’s so fun to give old things new life.

What’s your favorite part of fall? Are you a pumpkin spice lover? I’m not 🤢. Is it bonfire weather? Is it the leaves changing?

Let me know!

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