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Find a way

GRIT Round 3: Day 1

Week one of each GRIT challenge is always filled with some anxiety. The first week, we don’t know our workouts until the night before. Once we get through 7 days, then they start repeating for the following 3 weeks.

Today is day 1. Kettlebells and Bring Sally Up squats. I had no idea what “Bring Sally Up squats” were, so if you don’t know what they are, Google it. I’m pretty sure I’m going to die. After she watched it my friend Pam said, “you’re going to have to come call 911 for me, I’m not going to be able to crawl to the phone.” 😂

That’s the thing though, I’ll figure it out. I’ll take breaks during the 3.5 minutes of holding squats. I’ll sing the ABCs during my dead hangs (my friend Carmella taught me that trick). I’ll pack all my equipment in my van Sunday to go visit my friend out of town, because I don’t know what the workouts are going to be on Sunday and Monday yet.

Story Athletes find a way.

Snow and ice, kids all home from school, and you’re supposed to be doing a 5k? Figure it out. Download that step counter and run up and down the hallway approximately 3 million times until you get to 5k.

Hill sprints and no one to watch the kids? Put them in the double stroller and push that sucker up the hill.

When we consistently find a way to work GRIT into our lives, we cultivate the grit to find our way through everything else.

I’m a Story Athlete, and Story Athletes find a way. Period.

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