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Find your tribe

“I know the importance of a tribe.”

Through the GRIT challenge in October I made a significant realization about myself.

I won’t succeed, can’t succeed, without my tribe. In GRIT, your tribe is what gets you through. You will show up for them in ways you will never show up for yourself.

My friend Yventz wrote yesterday, “In moments of weakness, my tribe provided me strength. When my vision was blurry, my tribe helped me see. And when I didn’t believe, my tribe cheered me on. Through comments, likes, loves, and sharing their stories, my tribe helps me succeed.”

Running a small business alone is exhausting. You’re only accountable to yourself, no one there to help clear your vision when it’s blurry or give you strength when you’re weak. It’s easy to fail that way. It’s easy to lose sight of your vision when there isn’t anyone to remind you where you’re headed when you veer off course.

I’m at a crossroads in my little business. I desperately miss working on a team. When I had a “real” job, my team was always what got me through. On the days I didn’t want to work extra hours, or even show up, I always did...because there were other people counting on me. When we made mistakes, we were there to pick each other up. It gets hard to keep picking yourself up alone, mistake after mistake (which if we are being honest is exactly what small business ownership is, mistake after mistake and trying to learn a little more each time).

Yesterday I wrote to my friend Scott and asked him when I’ll be able to just hold myself accountable. When will I not need to rely on the tribe so much for help to accomplish things?

His answer was pretty much, “why would you want to?” He told me to recognize the importance of the tribe. Accept it.

He explained how I’ll get places much faster if I just allow myself to rely on my tribe.

My friend Ryan said it took him forever to realize he’s actually a pack animal, and not any good when he’s operating as a lone wolf.

If I’m going to really succeed in my small business, I need to find a tribe of kindhearted badasses to help me build this thing. A group of people who believe in the mission and are willing to go to battle next to me to fulfill it.

I don’t have any idea yet how I’m going to do that but we don’t worry about the how, just the why.

Ryan is right, I’m a pack animal, and Scott is right, why would I want to ignore that?

Prepare your hearts for my morning stories again. StoryAthlete Nov 19 has begun 👊.

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