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Finding my Reason

Finding my reason...

Our GRIT context yesterday was “I know my reason.” I want to share some things with you from my friends.

My friend Mark Broady wrote:

“I had a talk with a friend of mine not too long ago and I was talking about StoryAthlete and GRIT - and I said it’s one thing to want to become a “BETTER VERSION OF YOURSELF” but it’s a whole other level to want to become the “BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF”.
The first one is kinda do-able for most people, but the results are usually mediocre at best, and often won’t last. But to want to become the BEST version of yourself? Shit man - you better get ready for the ride if your life!!”

My friend CJ wrote this:

“I know my reason: I'm playing too damn small.
(And if you're being honest, you probably are too.)”

After a bunch of dribble about not knowing my purpose or even knowing if I should only have ONE purpose I landed here:

“I can list things I’m passionate about and topping the list is people. That’s why I love this group so much. It’s definitely not the work outs. Those are terrible. It’s the people. I love getting to do life with people. I love watching them grow and celebrating them. I love helping them up if they fall, or cheering them on as they pick themselves up and wipe the mud from their faces. I love being in community with people.

People, that’s my reason. I just don’t know exactly what that looks like yet.”

After I wrote and posted mine, I read my friend Ryan Sloper’s and this is what he said:

“I’m being honest I’ve struggled with this whole purpose/meaning conversation. I really call bullshit on the whole idea.

Each day I put one foot in front or the other and set out to create the next best version of myself.

The only constant in life is change, so if I do have a reason, it’s bound to change more than likely by the time I wake up tomorrow morning.”

And with those few sentences, Sloper freed me from having to find a single, overarching lifetime purpose. Today my purposed might be different than tomorrow and THAT’S OK!

I’m working through my internal angst that my Pam pointed out (she’s mine, but I will share her). Inside GRIT is where we do the hard work on ourselves, but I’m going to share it with you out here so you can travel this journey with me in real time. Just know, when I’m working through things, it seems like I’m all over the place, and that’s because I am.

But if you watch me write my way through something you’ll have a better understanding of what we do in GRIT besides just work out.

With all that said, do you know your reason/purpose? Or are you still searching for it, like me?

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