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Get you a Shawn..

Get yourself a Shawn!

Yesterday in GRIT our writing context was “I track the internal scoreboard.” Meaning that when the day is said and done, are you proud of your performance? Did you leave it all out on the field? Are you keeping track of your points and penalties? Not the team’s performance, YOUR performance.

After writing my own and reading through everyone’s contexts, the women of the group mostly fell into two camps. There were the ones like me, who are keeping their internal score inaccurately by doling out penalties they didn’t even earn. Continuously being too hard on themselves and believing they’re underperforming when they are actually doing a great job juggling everything that’s thrown at them.

The second group were the ones who consistently find themselves showing up for everyone else, so at the end of the day, there’s no score to be kept for themselves, because they never even played the game. Story after story about how for the first time in their adult lives, they’ve gifted themselves the right to have something solely for them: GRIT. They show up every day and leave their sweat and tears on the floor, and it’s teaching them they are worthy of doing that in other areas of their lives.

Women, most of us are really doing a great job at life, and we need partners and teammates to remind us of that.

This month in GRIT, for the first time, we were assigned a partner within our team. I was assigned Shawn. Yesterday, when I apologized to my team for not being as active as I normally am over the last two days, he gave me a swift and sweet reality check, that I desperately needed.

The teams, and now partners, we have in GRIT is where the magic is. It’s not the workouts. It’s the people.

Head to the comments to read the message Shawn sent to me.

If you don’t have a Shawn and you want and/or need one, you’re welcome to join us in January. Every single Story Athlete I have the pleasure of doing life with now, is just like Shawn.

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