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Gratitude is Contagious


I saw one of those things on Facebook that said “what are some things that we used growing up that people don’t use anymore?” It made me think of me on the phone with my mom the other day.

I was trying to work with the typewriter when all of sudden it just stopped having ink anymore. So I’m taking it apart and trying to figure out how to fix it, all while I’m on the phone with my mom. My mom has worked in an office of one sort or another her whole adult life so she’s asking me what is the model number of the typewriter and looking online for a new ribbon (we found out they don’t make this kind anymore, that’s how I ended up at Mr Jones’s) and she asked me some sort of question and I said, “I don’t know! I had to Google how to put the paper in!”

Seriously, I had to Google how to put the paper in. I’m 37. I’ve never had to use a typewriter for anything. I’ve only just seen them on my PawPaw’s desk and at estate sales.

My mom was disgusted with me 😂. “Oh my God, Heather! Seriously?!”

Yes! Why would I know how to work a typewriter?!

When I called Mr. Jones he asked me how the typewriter printed. I said I don’t understand the question. He said, “how does the ink get on the paper?”

“Uh...the little thing flies up and smashes the black thing onto the paper and a letter shows up. Don’t they all do that?”

Apparently not. Who knew? 🤷‍♀️

That’s why I love these typewriter necklaces so much. This thing is a magical relic to me. Every one is a little different, even if I type the same words. They’re beautiful and unique and remind us of the past, when things were simpler.

Custom typewriter necklaces will be open on the website until midnight tonight and then they’ll close. I don’t know when the next time I’ll open them is.

If you’re my age, what is something your kids would treat like I treated this typewriter? And if you’re my mom’s age what are the things your adult kids don’t know how to use that you say, “seriously?!” about? 

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