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Gratitude is Gangster

Gratitude is my JAM!

Have you ever sat in gratitude? Really sat in it and felt the big emotions that gratitude brings?

Actively practicing gratitude gets me, at minimum, teary eyed. If I sit in it long enough and allow it to really wash over me, it can bring on full blown sobs.

They’re not tears of sadness, they’re emotions so big my body can’t contain them.

One of the things I’m the most grateful for in my life right now is GRIT, for a plethora of reasons. It’s making me strong, in mind and body. It’s giving me confidence in myself that’s bleeding over into all areas of my life. It’s given me a family of like minded people who aren’t afraid to challenge me and push me, but who are always there to support and uplift when needed.

The number one thing I’m grateful for in GRIT is the amount of self reflection it requires. We write to ourselves, and publish to our team, every day. We do not get days off. This causes you to really take stock of yourself. That’s a scary place to be sometimes, I think we can all agree on that. It’s tough to look yourself in the mirror some days.

Recently, I had to face that I wasn’t being a very good wife. I could’ve just kept turning a blind eye to it, blaming all the outside life “stuff” that we are so good at attributing our shortcomings to. I didn’t do that though. I’m forced to look at myself every day, through my writing, and I owned my shit. I owned the fact that I wasn’t prioritizing my marriage like I should be, #1 on the list. Before kids, business, body, writing, horses, bunnies, dishes...

I’m grateful for a program that keeps me accountable to myself. That makes me face me, on a daily basis. Dealing with yourself is the hardest work there is, and I do hard things.

Chris and I sat down and had a long discussion about the status of our marriage last Monday. I made as many adjustments to my behavior as I could this week. I wrote myself a new script each day, where I reaffirmed my commitments to my marriage, and where it stands on my priority list. #1.

Without GRIT, I wouldn’t be forced to examine myself so intently. I would have ignored the fact that my marriage was declining to a point that Chris made my Disney Plus profile Cruella de Vil (that’s a true story).

GRIT isn’t just for your body, it’s for your life and I’m so grateful to have found it.

Also, happy to report I’ve been upgraded to Thumper, instead of Cruella. We’re making progress 😉.

Go sit in some gratitude today. Gratitude is gangster and you’ll feel like a total badass after you wipe those tears.

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