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Gratitude is so Gangster

Gratitude is so gangster.

Every day after school growing up I would go to the neighbor’s house where I would wait for my parents to get home from work.

Every day I would sit on the floor and watch General Hospital with her while I waited. This habit carried all the way into my middle school years. I was addicted to the drama. What was going to happen with Luke and Laura? Who was the resident mob boss, Sonny, going to have to snuff out on the docks this week?

I’m just as easily pulled into other people’s dramatics as the next person. My husband would probably argue that I’m more prone to it, actually.

Unnecessary drama and stress, especially when it’s not even my own, causes such emotional chaos for me.

To counter this natural habit to be in the mix of general crap that doesn’t need to be weighing me down, I’ve adopted a gratitude practice.

I use the Start Today journal by Rachel Hollis to record my gratitude each day, it can be done on any old piece of paper, but writing it down is key. I’m never consistent on my timing. I just make sure I fit it in somewhere.

Every single day I write down five small things I’m grateful for and then sit in that for several minutes. I try to find the smallest things I can, not things like “my kids”, because obviously I’m grateful for my kids. But if I can train myself to be grateful for toilet paper, bobby pins, stickers or Birkenstocks it creates a culture in my mind to constantly be on the lookout for the tiniest things to be grateful for.

Dramatics and gratitude can not live in you simultaneously. If you are sitting in gratitude as often throughout your day as you can, your brain will not allow you to notice the dumb things happening around you. You’re too preoccupied with how awesome everything is to notice the idiot next to you.

Sonny, the gangster, was by far my favorite dramatic character on General Hospital growing up. But you know what else is gangster? Gratitude.

Give your list of five a try and watch how awesome your life becomes.

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