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GRIT Day 21

GRIT Day 21

On day 3 of GRIT the group was posed with an issue we had to vote on.

When we signed up we were given the rules: miss one workout and you’re out. We have requirements to complete everyday and have to post our stats/videos/photos/writing to our team every day by 4am EST to stay in the game.

Day 2, someone didn’t do their workout, asked for forgiveness and wanted to stay in. I don’t know him, I’m new and it was only day 2, but from what I gathered he’s been around for a bit in StoryAthlete.

Ryan brought the issue to the table and gave us the option to vote on an amendment to the rules where you could take a punishment of 100/200/300 burpees in addition to your missed workout to stay. We could vote to keep the original rules or vote on a certain amount of burpee punishment.

I voted to keep the one and done rule and wrote in my explanation that if I can’t trust you on day 2 when it’s not even hard yet, I won’t be able to trust you on day 15, 21, 24 when it’s really freaking hard.

Today is Day 21 and day 21 is why day 2 guy had to go. I’m going to most likely be limping over the finish line on day 28. My body is beaten and my spirit is low.

I’m not showing up for myself anymore. I’m showing up for the 60 people who show up for me every day. I know, for a fact, that all 61 of us will make it to day 28 barring some sort of emergency situation.

2 of the guys wives had babies last week and they did their workouts in hospital stairwells, parking garages and bathrooms. One guy has a broken back. One on my team injured his hamstring. By the way, everyone who is injured gets appropriate modifications. I don’t want to paint a picture that CJ and Ryan are torturing us.

None of them quit when it got hard.

I know I can trust each of them to show up every single day and I show up every day so they can know they can trust me too.

The rules have to be this strict to forge this kind of bond. Those who suffer together, bond together.

Day 21: done.


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  • I would love to have a necklace made for my Granddaughter. I have a personal message I would like it to say. It would mean so much if you could help me do this! PLEASE contact me. Thank you!!

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