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GRIT Day 23

What is the point?!

Week 1 of GRIT was filled with a lot of anxiety. We didn’t know what our workouts were until the night before. It took 7 full days for the entire program to be unveiled to us. Each day as I cried my way through workouts, I would worry if I could make it through the next day. I’m not physically strong and these workouts are made to challenge the fittest among us.

Week 2 my mindset was better. I knew what I was up against. I had proven to myself I could make it through the workouts. I had a pretty decent routine down for myself. I’ve got this.

And then came week 3.

Week 3 was a mental and physical roller coaster. The super humans started doing even more than the highest workouts given. Pushing themselves and each other well beyond the requirements.

I’m watching them push past the barriers while I’m starting to barely limp along. I’m not setting personal records, I’m just trying to survive the 28 days now. My body is heavier than it should be and I’ve been assaulting it for 14 plus days at this point. I’m weak, I’m wounded, and my spirit is broken.

Why did I even sign up for this shit? Why did I let week 2 Heather make me believe I could do this well? Week 2 Heather was straight up full of shit.

Week 3 Heather was, in the words of my friend Anna, OVER IT.

F-you GRIT, F-you CJ, F-you hill sprints and 5ks and deadlifts. F-you to all of it.

I was mad at myself for spending so much time on this thing that felt like it wasn’t getting me anywhere. I’ve gained two pounds, my measurements are basically the same, I’m not writing well, and I’m an emotional mess.

What is the point?!

Today is day 2 of week 4. I had a strong workout. I foam rolled the shit out of my inner thighs yesterday and my knees felt better during those squats today. I did an extra round.

Today I realized the point.

It’s in the week 3 moments of our lives, when you can’t see the point, everything hurts, you’re not making visible progress and you want to run away...those moments are where we usually quit. It’s HARD to keep going when you can’t see the “why” or the results. It’s HARD to push through the uncertainty and the pain.

The GRIT challenge isn’t about our bodies. It’s about learning to push through the week 3s of your life. It’s about showing up for yourself when it’s the last thing you want to do.

I showed up. That’s the point.

Day 23: done.

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