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GRIT Day 26

GRIT Day 26: 5k day!

5k day is my favorite day! Today I didn’t do it for time, I did it for enjoyment. There have been very few days (like 2 and that’s being generous) that I have enjoyed my GRIT workouts. Today I chose to take the time to really savor my last 5k of this round of GRIT.

I had the opportunity to drop the kids to Chris at his store when he got off and to hike/run my 5k at Castlewood State Park. Non-St Louisans, this park has cliffs that overlook the Meramec River. There’s a set of 200 stairs to get to the top, and then more rocky hills you have to drag yourself up, but the view is so worth it.

I’ve almost made it to the end. 2 more days to go and I will have completed 28 days of seriously difficult workouts. No missed days. No breaking promises to myself. No letting down my team.

Why is this important?

I’m notorious at breaking promises to myself. I know when I start something hard, I might not finish it. I negotiate with myself constantly and my lesser self wins more often than not. It’s fine, eat the bread, it’s delicious. It’s fine, don’t go running, it’s cold outside. It’s fine, hit the snooze, you’re tired.

For two months straight I’ve committed to doing the StoryAthlete 28 day challenge and now the GRIT challenge. In 2 more days I will have completed both 100%.

These challenges are helping me lay the foundation I need to start to trust myself.

StoryAthlete came to me at the exact right time in my life. I’m finally ready to do the incredibly difficult work of being accountable to ME.

Day 26: complete.

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