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GRIT Day 28

GRIT Day 28.

I’m sitting here reflecting on the last 28 days of my GRIT challenge. I have one more workout to complete, the dreaded bar hang, and I’ll have completed this challenge 100%. No deviations, no excuses, no quitting on myself.

On the surface, it doesn’t look like I’ve accomplished much. I’ve actually gained 3 pounds as of this morning.

My body is slowly changing shape though. I’m getting some curve in that booty, no more pancake butt. My stomach is starting to shrink (and shrivel unfortunately, 3 babies, 3 c-sections, 1 gallbladder surgery and carrying an extra 80 plus pounds has left my midsection battered).

Through this 28 days I’ve really learned to view my body differently. Yes, it’s stretched and scarred and I’m starting to have loose skin in a lot more places than just my tummy.

But look at all the stuff my body carried me through this 28 days.

Army crawling in front of red shirt guy. Bar hanging in the driving rain. Four 5ks. Walking lunges with a sandbag on my shoulders (that’s where those booty gains came from 😉). A million modified burpees. Hill sprints pushing almost 100 lbs of children and stroller.

The GRIT challenge isn’t for your body, that is just a by-product. It’s to strengthen your mind and awaken your soul. When you accomplish things you didn’t think you could, a whole new world opens for you.

Most people who talk to me about GRIT say, “oh, I could never do that.”

If I can do it, anyone can do it.

If David Brown, in his 60s and worried about having to use oxygen soon, can do it and improve his breathing to the point where he no longer has to worry about his breath, you can do it.

If Remy, Amber and Paula, regular girls just like me, with no athletic background, can do it...you can do it.

If Ryan Paul Johnson can do it with a broken back, you can do it.

If Scott can lose 80 pounds, I can do it.

Yes, there are a bunch of super human boys in this group who are able to do physical feats most of us won’t ever achieve, or frankly won’t ever want to achieve (me, that’s me guys, I don’t want to do half the crap they do). But there are just as many totally regular people in the group who killed this challenge and changed their lives in the process.

Whatever your “it” is, I guarantee you can do it...if you just exercise a little GRIT.

To my small group: I love you 7 boys so much. Thanks for seeing me through to the end.

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