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Grit Round 2, Day 28 - DONE!

GRIT Round 2, Day 28. Complete!

I finished my last day of my second round of GRIT today. Again, we started with 62 and we ended with 58. The rules state if you miss one workout, you’re removed from the challenge. 94% success rate. Same as last month.

On day 28, we reflect on our results and post to the team.

Body results: because they’re visible and everyone loves a visual. As of this morning I lost 6 pounds this month. Started at 203 and weighed 197 this morning. My scale registered at 194 earlier this week though and has bounced up and down between 194-197 for several days.

Last month I had to start wearing a belt with my jeans because they were sliding down my hips. This month I had to take the belt up a notch, to the last notch. Next month I’ll probably have to buy a new belt.

I have definition in my legs, butt and arms I haven’t had for years. I’m stronger. I haven’t had to go to the chiropractor for 3 weeks. My back and core are strong enough to support me now, my lack of strength is no longer causing damage.

Mind results: the body results are wonderful and I’m thrilled about them but the mind results are really why I love the program. Being forced to write in self reflection every single day causes you to do a deep dive on yourself. Through my writing this month I realized I wasn’t being an attentive wife. Once that was discovered, I took action. You can read the full story a few posts back, but had I not been writing to me, about me, every day, my marriage could’ve ended up on a disastrous path.

Self awareness is the key to growth. GRIT forces you to be self aware.
I have worked out 57 out of the last 59 days (we had 3 days off between round 1 and 2, I took 2 of those days off). I’ve achieved things I never thought I would or could and what’s amazing about that is that this is just the beginning.GRIT Round 2, DONE! GRIT round 3 starts Wednesday. If you want to be a Story Athlete and a member of the weirdest little internet world, full of kindhearted badasses, shoot me a message. We’d love to have you.

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