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GRIT Round 3... DONE!!

GRIT Round 3 in the books!

Finished the round with a 5k and 50 pushups for time.

At the end of each round we reflect on our results. My body results are clear.

My mind and spirit results are the big ones though.

In my results writing I wrote the following to my team:

“3 rounds of GRIT has given me the permission to just be who I am. Do things how I would do them. And write how I would write. And love how I would love. I don’t have to try to be like someone else, or do it their way, my way is just fine.”

GRIT has shown me that I’m good enough. I should always be striving to be better, which I am, but today and every other day, I’m good enough.

I’ve worked out 84 out of the last 89 days.

I’ve made some of the most amazing relationships.

I’ve gained strength, physically, mentally and emotionally.

I’m really freaking proud of myself.

The next round of GRIT started January 4th (deadline for sign up was the 2nd). If you want to be really freaking proud of yourself too, come join me in the weirdest little internet world full of kindhearted badasses. We would love to have you. Shoot me a message or comment below and we can talk about NEXT month's GRIT!

I’m going to enjoy my 3 days of rest and then it’s game time again on Saturday 💪. I hope to see some of you on my team.

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