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How I got started...

I get asked a lot how I started making jewelry out of book pages.

Chris and I used to go estate sale shopping all the time, before we had too many little hands that would break all the things. We love searching for good finds. One of our favorite things to buy and flip on EBay was vintage books. As you know, I love everything books and reading. You can actually make a lot of money in vintage books, if you have the time and patience to find the right ones in the right condition.

My problem...I bought all the books, not just the ones worth money. I bought them if they were pretty, if they were tattered, just bought them all because I loved them.

I originally started in fabric jewelry. A couple years ago I took one of my vintage books and read through it until I found the words live/free and clipped them out. I ordered enough findings to make 20 pair of book page earrings and took them to Joys Collective to see if people would like them.

People liked them!

For months I was reading the books to find the words I wanted. It was so time consuming!

Eventually I got smart enough to find vintage dictionaries so I could turn straight to the word I wanted. I don’t know why it took me months to come up with that though 🤦‍♀️.

The next step was being ok making copies of the dictionary page so I could make more than one. The next step was having the dictionary clipping turned into digital copies so I can print them.

I’m much more efficient than I was two years ago but the sentiment is still the same. Words matter and we should use them to spark joy however we can.


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