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I am my own therapist

I am my own therapist...

I have a great therapist, Karen, who I was paired with in late 2018 when I used BetterHelp online counseling service to pull myself out of a deep, dark hole. I used her consistently, multiple times a week for 3 months, and then canceled my subscription and moved to using her on an as needed basis. Since that initial time together I’ve come back for a tune up with her twice.

I haven’t talked to Karen since early spring of 2019.


I’m my own therapist now.

How did I move from needing someone else to walk me through my issues to being able to walk myself through them?


My issues didn’t go away, I learned to wield my pen against them. I no longer look to someone else to fight the battles against my internal demons.

I’m my own hero now.

That doesn’t mean I don’t need an army at my back to help me fight. My fellow StoryAthletes are my army and when I drop my pen or I feel like it has run out of ink, they let me borrow theirs or gift me a new one.

Got demons?

Pick up your pen and slay those bitches.

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