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I am so excited for these!

Are you a kindhearted badass?

Do you want a shirt so you can let the world know?

Of course you do!

A little refresher on the definition of a kindhearted badass and how we roll...

Kindhearted Badass Code:

I do hard things.

We do not say “we CAN do hard things” we actually DO hard things.

I hold the pen.

We write the story of our own lives. No one holds the pen but you. Use it to write a beautiful script.

Kindness is my superpower.

We are kindhearted and don’t let the world steal that from us. There’s power in kindness.

Gratitude is gangster.

We are immensely grateful for everything that is. Expressing gratitude for the past and present is mandatory for growth into the future.

Kindhearted badass.

We empower ourselves and each other. We sprinkle kindness like confetti and dish out tough LOVE (emphasis on the love) when necessary. We do badass shit and show the world they can too.

These tees and raglans are being offered on pre-order now through Sunday Oct 27th. The shirts will be ordered Monday morning the 28th and dropped to the printer on Wednesday the 30th. Right now they are on an 11 day turnaround. They’ll ship to you when we receive them back. Approximately 2-3 weeks turnaround on these cuties.

Grab yours here 👇. I CAN’T WAIT to see all you kindhearted badasses rocking these tees!


Sizing is unisex on both the raglan and the tee.

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  • Can you not purchase shirts anymore?

    Pam Davis

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