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I can do that...

Yesterday I ran a mile, outside, on a wooded trail without stopping for the first time in years. Actual, literal years.

I did it because I’m getting ready to be a part of a team and I didn’t want to be the only one who had to say “I can’t do the Spartan race”.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to belonging and how much of a motivator that is for people. Being a part of something. Feeling like you’re making a difference. Being on or leading a team.

Today I’m sending out the first round of DIY Fabric Button Jewelry kits and launching the Facebook group that goes along with that. In the group we will create together for the next year.

We will belong to a group of women who are doing something for the joy of doing it. There’s so much that we do because we HAVE to. Coming together to do something joyful because we WANT to, I just can’t even wait.

I adore every one of the girls who are joining me and I’m so excited for our next year together.

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