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I cannot believe this is my life!

All the things...

I have so many things to update you on today!

First, as of my weigh in this morning I’ve officially lost 50 pounds! That’s like my four year old and my newborn niece put together, so I’ve lost two humans worth of weight (I know that math is a little suspect, don’t judge me, I’m sticking with two humans worth).

It didn’t matter what Chris said to me today, I answered him with “I lost 50 pounds.” 😂. I got my hair done and he told me it looked nice. I said “thanks! I lost 50 pounds!” I’m not giving up this moment, I’m riding this train as long as I can. 🚂

Now that we’ve gotten that news out of the way...

See this NY Times Best Selling book? It was written by AK Turner (Amanda) and I just enrolled in her Memoir Camp that starts March 9th so I can write my own memoir. I know, it sounds just as unbelievable to me as it does to you. But I am, indeed, going to write a book and I get to do it with a best selling author holding my hand.

My head is still spinning. I’m really going to chase down my life long dream. Say whaaaaaat?!

I have no chill about this. None. Zero.

Anyway, Amanda told me today that there are only 5 more spots left for Memoir Camp (by the way, if you missed the post where I talked about how the four month, one on one writing program culminates in a luxury retreat in Mexico with a bunch of other writers, scroll back a few posts and check that out).

I know several of you reached out expressing interest in Memoir Camp, so I just wanted to touch base and let you know it’s almost sold out. My Pam got her spot already (so not only do I get to do this program, I get to do it with my Pam 😍).

If you were serious about joining us, send me a message. I want to be sitting on the beach with you, having a margarita and celebrating the fact that we are total badasses that wrote effin’ books together. 🏝 📖 🍹

Still can’t even believe this is my life 🤯.

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