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I did this scary thing and it didn't turn out that great...

The photos from my shoot came back and I’m going to be very truthful with you. I’m not going to be running to get in front of the camera again any time soon. 

This was incredibly uncomfortable for me. I’m pretty awkward by nature and honestly, that’s very apparent in 99% of the photos. I literally asked the photographer more than one time, “what do you want me to do with my face?” I don’t even know how to move my face in a photo! That’s real! 

I am proud of myself for doing something that was really scary but now that I’ve done it...I think I might be done with it. We may be just doing selfies for the rest of our existence together 🤷‍♀️. 

Do you know what I love most about this community, though? That I know I can come here and say “I did this really scary thing and it didn’t turn out that great” and everyone is going to be like “this one time, I did this one thing that also didn’t turn out how I wanted” and we will have a real and raw convo about all the times we tried things and they were less than stellar.

I love that I get to tell the real story with you guys, not just cherry pick a few “ok” photos and pretend this was great. 

Thanks for being awesome, and listening to my real stories. 


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