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I do hard things!

I’m sitting here staring at my cup of tea, not drinking it, with a knot in my stomach. The rest of the family are still in their beds, peaceful in their slumber.

Why is it that we can know logically that something is the best decision for everyone and still, when the time comes to take action, we feel so badly about it?

The little boys start back to school today. They’re starting a new school that’s much closer to our house. It’s a significantly smaller facility, with smaller class sizes, owned by a church and the building is less than six months old.

This time they’re going Mon/Wed/Fri so they get a mental and emotional break between days away from home.

All of these things sound great, yes? Then why am I so sad about it this morning?!

I know they’ll adjust fine after a bit of time, eventually they adjusted just fine at the first school. I know that they need to play with other kids and they need much more engagement than I’m able to give them while trying to work.

I also know my marriage took a hit when we had them home again all the time because we never had a mental break from parenting. I also know I’ve gained 12 lbs back since having them home because I’m an emotional eater and ate all my frustrations and stress over not being able to work like I wanted or parent like I wanted.

I know these things in my brain. I know this is the best decision...in my brain.

Sometimes my brain and heart don’t sync up though. 🤷‍♀️

So this morning, I’m going to put on my big girl pants and cowboy boots ( I have a riding lesson afterward) and smile as we do our “I love school!” school day affirmations again. I’m going to check these emotions at the door and show these kids how great their new school is, how awesome their new playgrounds are (they are actually way cooler than the old school’s), introduce them to their new teachers and walk out of there like the boss that I am.

Because..... I. Do. Hard. Things.

Kindhearted badasses, this is our new battle cry.

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