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I found the best pair of jeans...

This is a public service announcement for all my fellow flat booty, ample tummy ladies.

I got my first pair of LuLaRoe jeans and I was skeptical, I’m not going to lie. They’re kind of pricey, which I’m ok with if they work.

Not with these babies. No belly butt, proper actual butt.This is day 2 of wearing these and they’re not sagging on my butt 🙌. I have the WORST time with jeans because I have a flat butt, like the flattest of all the butts and my legs lost weight much faster than my tummy. So to get jeans that fit my legs they’re too tight in the tummy and I end up with like this weird belly butt thing happening which is as cute as it sounds.

These have a button and zipper which also tends to cause me issues by cutting into my tummy and creating all kinds of lumps and bumps I don’t want. These have an elastic waistband INSIDE, so they look like regular jeans on the outside. So they fit nicely over my tummy and don’t squeeze it to death.

My suggestion to all my tummy troubled ladies is to run not walk to my friend Shylah’s website and get a pair.

The sizing is weird, so ask Shylah for help on your sizing. Mine are a size 34 whatever that means (I usually wear size 16 jeans).

And no, I’m not becoming an Instagram booty girl, I just needed to show you the no sag on these jeans 😂.

Lularoe Shylah B. tag your website in the comments so they can find these beauts.

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