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I practice 4 dimensional transformation.

In StoryAthletes we write about four quadrants of our life. Mind, body, business and relationships.

My body has been my weakest quadrant for as long as I can remember. I hate exercising (or at least that’s what lesser Heather has been telling me for 20 years). I’m hit or miss with nutrition. If Chris is on plan with me, I kill it. If he’s not, I eat all the things.

There’s a guy in our GRIT challenge who broke his neck and spent 5 months in the hospital recovering. He shows up every damn day doing modified exercises with zero excuses.

He’s changed my entire view of my body. I have a perfectly able body that I’ve let deteriorate. I’ve made an active choice through lack of exercise and poor nutrition to allow my body to slowly atrophy.

That’s a tough pill to swallow.

Ryan has actual physical issues that aren’t self imposed and he shows up for his body every day.

I have taken mine for granted. Assuming it’s always going to be here, working properly. Not giving it the attention and love it deserves. Always worried about what it looks like instead of what it feels like, how it functions and how strong it is.

Deferred maintenance on anything is a recipe for disaster. Why haven’t I realized that about my body until now?

What if I got in a car accident tomorrow and was seriously injured? My recovery would certainly be a lot easier if my body was stronger going into it.

Alyssa Chrisco wrote a post about her pregnancy recovery. She exercised and kept her nutrition in check throughout and was able to recover in record speed.

Why? Because she had a firm foundation going into her postpartum recovery.

I’ve made some big steps toward giving my body asset the attention it deserves and now every time I don’t want to do the GRIT workout for the day, I think about Ryan and I don’t have any excuses to not show up.

GRIT day 11, sandbags coming this evening. 💪

PS, the boys came to the ranch today. Cooper is as horse obsessed as his mama. It was his best day.

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