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I thought about quitting, but I didn't...

Yesterday I started a new 28 day challenge with the StoryAthletes. It’s called GRIT and it’s technically a physical challenge but it’s really to create a mental transformation. Prove to yourself that you can do things you didn’t think you were capable of.

We had to commit without knowing what we were doing. We were then told to assemble the following: sandbag, kettlebell, resistance bands with handles and a respectable hill. A respectable hill? Why do we need a hill?!

We don’t get our workouts until the night before. They’re designed by CJ Thomas, a certified personal trainer and owner of St Louis Fitness Bootcamp. We get them sent to us via video inside the group. Most of us do these workouts alone.

Yesterday was my first one. Hill sprints with push-ups and hollow body sit ups in between. Your choice of 10, 15, 20 or 25 minutes. Then a finisher of chops for time, 120 seconds.

Chris worked nights last night so I had to do the sprints while pushing almost 100lbs of whining children and stroller.

Commentary from the kids over my 20 mins:

4 year old: Mom, are you crying?

9 year old: uhh......do you want me to help you push?

2 year old: I dropped my shoes!

At 10 minutes I thought about quitting, it said I could only do 10 minutes . 15 minutes I thought about quitting. 15 minutes was an option we were given. 20 minutes I actually couldn’t move anymore. My arms were shaking, I was cold even though it was warm out, I’m pretty sure I might’ve blacked out for a second.

I kept going at 10 and 15 minutes because I knew my fellow StoryAthletes weren’t going to be quitting at 15 minutes. They show up and work as hard as they can for the team every day and I owe it to them to show up and work as hard as I can too.

After joining this team of humans, most who have expressed that they feel like misfits, my sincere hope for every one of you reading this is that you find your group of misfits. People that make you want to be better and do better. People who push you to do the things you don’t believe you can. People who believe in you before you do.

StoryAthletes, to say I’m excited for the next 27 days of GRIT isn’t exactly true. I am honored to work hard with you and for you though. Kettlebells...here we come.


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