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I went pro

Going pro....when I think of amateur versus professional, I think money. Professionals in their field get paid to play. Amateurs don’t.

When I started in StoryAthlete, I was an amateur. Testing the waters, seeing if I like the game. Dabbling to see if I have potential to be good.

Then after 3 months, I went pro. I started getting paid.

At first I was terrified. Completely paralyzed to make the decision to take an affiliate link.

Will going pro make me lose my love of the game? Will it become my “job” and then I’ll hate it? Will people think I only love being a StoryAthlete because I’m getting “paid to say that”?

Eventually, at the 11th hour before Dec GRIT, I took the link and went all in. I went pro.

I struggled emotionally all month in December about if going pro was going to taint the process, steal my joy and dull the magic.

I also worried, seriously worried, about being judged for going pro. I’m not sure why I had these fears because in any other arena, the goal is to go pro. You work your ass off to get the chance to live your life getting paid to do what you love.

Athletes are celebrated when they go pro. Writers are celebrated when their book finally gets published. Musicians are celebrated when they get the record deal.

I should have been celebrating that I was asked if I’d like an affiliate link. I should have celebrated the fact that I excelled as a StoryAthlete and was now able to get paid to do something I love.

I’ve made $900 in 5ish weeks as a StoryAthlete affiliate and instead of hiding about it, being afraid to be judged about it, I should be proud of myself and celebrating the fact that I went freaking pro.

I don’t talk about StoryAthlete because I get “paid to say that” anymore than Dwayne Wade talks about basketball because he gets “paid to”. He talks about basketball because he’s passionate about the game.

I talk about StoryAthlete because it has and is continuing to transform my life, 1% at a time, every single day.

I’m passionate about StoryAthlete, so I talk about it.

Hey guys, I’m a professional StoryAthlete now and I’m pretty proud of myself. 💪

Also, I did my 8 mile long run yesterday and ran 6.5 miles of that...also pretty proud of myself for that, too. I’m so sore today and I have no idea how I’m going to do my 4 minute wall sit but...I did my first 8 miles, so it doesn’t really matter. 😊

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