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I'm a Unicorn...

This tea is fogging up my glasses. 

Chris and I didn’t just fall off the healthy eating wagon, we crashed and burned the wagon. Up in flames. 

We are getting our life together currently, which means a sugar detox. 😳. It’s hard 😭. But we know it’s important for us, so here I am, gulping hot tea to keep myself from eating the kids’ donuts 🍩

My friend Gale Nation got me this mug. She said it makes me a unicorn 🦄. 

Ok...she actually said black Rae Dunn mugs are unicorns, meaning they’re difficult to find, but I heard what I heard. I’m a unicorn 🦄 and I’m sticking with that story 😉. 

I don’t really know much about Rae Dunn other than I’ve seen it on the interwebs. Are you a collector? Do you love it? What do you love about it? Talk to me about the Rae Dunn phenomenon 👇.

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