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I'm an athlete.

I told you guys I joined this StoryAthlete program and that the first thing I told CJ was that I wasn’t an athlete (btw, the program isn’t really about being the next Tom Brady, but there is a small physical component to the work). The 28 day challenge doesn’t start until Sept 2nd so I’ve been doing my pre homework and watching the videos and reading all the things like the good little student I am.

CJ is the personal trainer of this program and he has these 12 min workouts you have to do twice a week. Doesn’t seem ridiculous right? I can do 24 mins a week, no problem. So I happened to search the hashtag #storyathlete on Instagram to check out the people who have come before me and I notice a lot of posts about these workouts and they are all hashtagged #12minsofdeath. Twelve minutes of death.

Some of these people are in pretty good shape. They would tell you they have so much further to go...yada yada...but they’re in tip top shape compared to the regular American. So this hashtag then becomes a little like...uh oh....

I shoot CJ a message and say “uh, you undersold this 😂” and he says back, “where’d your Color Guard mentality go?”

That got me thinking, because he’s really good at getting people thinking, and I tried to remember back to that time. I didn’t have an athlete mentality then. I didn’t even realize I was in such good shape. I just showed up every day on that football field because I had a team of girls and an entire marching band that relied on my piece of the show.

I don’t know how many kids were in the band total. 100? 125? But one hole threw off the whole thing. Everyone had to do their specific, tiny part. Everyone was equally important. Those formations and visuals would not turn out right if I made a mistake or wasn’t there.

This whole StoryAthlete program seems to create a team of people who show up together to embrace the suck....together....so they can get to the good stuff. A philosophy where yes, we all know that most of this life is gonna be freaking hard, but if we just show up together, embrace the hard...together....we will get to the great parts faster.

I think in general, as adults, we’ve lost our team spirit. We don’t have enough things in our life where we show up because if we don’t, the whole show will be screwed up. Maybe we are on a team at work, or a recreational softball team...but most things as adults are designed in a way where if someone doesn’t show up, it doesn’t crumble. So really, how important are you to the team?

Why do we stop relying so heavily on other people as we age? Why do we lose our sense of community as a whole? What happened to the better together mentality?

High school wasn’t a great time for me. I didn’t love it. I was ready to get out and never look back. But reflecting now, I can see why so many people look so fondly on their years there. I can see why people rehash their sports stories from their teens and twenties for the rest of their lives. For most people, it’s the last time in their lives they were really a part of something, where their piece really mattered.

And isn’t that what we are all searching for? To matter?

Are any of you currently on a team where you know if you don’t show up, the team goes down? Where your part really, really matters? I’m super curious 👇

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