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I'm doing it... again

GRIT Round 2

Today starts the next round of the GRIT challenge.

The first month was brutal on my mind, body and spirit. I cried real tears more than once. I was in so much pain I slept on the floor multiple times because the softness of my bed aggravated my battered muscles and joints.

Why, after that, would I choose to do this again?

Your muscles have to be broken down, torn and damaged, to be able to grow stronger. It’s no different for your spirit and mind.

There were moments of GRIT I honestly did not think I would make it through. And then I did. I made it.

I have a new sense of anxiety this month. The safety of my small group, 7 boys I grew to adore, has been taken. I have a new unit leader I don’t know and all but one in my small group are brand new teammates this month. (There are roughly 55 people in the main group and then we are broken down into smaller groups with a unit leader as our coach, this is so no one falls through the cracks. Your small group is who you become bonded with the strongest over the course of the 28 days.)

We don’t know the workouts, and I won’t know them all until we get through the first seven days.

This month feels like starting right back at the beginning, same fears and doubts as last month creeping in.

Can I do this without those 7 boys? Can I make it through the workouts this time? Will I be able to be a good team member?

Can I do these AND add in enough runs to do the spring half marathon? Can my body handle this much punishment? Can I actually make it through the Spartan Sprint race (that’s a story for tomorrow guys...)?

I made it through GRIT Oct. Not only did I make it through, I was voted by my peers to be my UNIT MVP and Most Transformed out of all 59 people that finished.

I can’t end on that note and then let my fears get the best of me. I’ll work hard to bond with my new unit. I’ll put in the work for each workout and modify when necessary. I’ll go hard and show people that if I can do it, so can they.

Day 1 GRIT 2, let’s do this.

Pic: my face after I did the “bonus” workout last night that was thrown in there as a surprise on our day off. 🙄

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