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I'm hiding my scale and I'm going to get through it...

I’m going to make it through this crisis.

I’m in Walmart in the scale aisle, looking at the scales, then to my left and right, and back at the scales. I’ve been standing here for ten minutes. Digital won’t work, those need batteries. I’m gonna have to do an old school one. A lot of those are in clam packs though, will they still work?

I’m going to find out.

As I sit the old school scale on the floor, inside its clam pack (which I’m certain is to deter you from doing this) and I step on it a Walmart employee comes up and asks me if I need help. I clearly look like I need help, and honestly I do, I should be committed for what I’m doing.

A while ago (couldn’t tell you exactly when, I try to block my traumas from my memory) Chris took my scale away from me and threw it out because I was so obsessive about weighing myself.

He threw it in the dumpster...gone forever.

Like the addict that I am, I went to Walmart and weighed myself on their scales in the middle of the store, while the Walmart employee asked me if I needed help.

Yes, sir, I do need help, but it’s not help you can give me. I clearly need some serious therapy. 😳

Hi. My name is Heather and I’m a scaleaholic.

The first step to fixing your problem is admitting you have one, right?

This month I’m doing a nutrition challenge with some of my best GRIT girlfriends. The rules were that you could pick whatever eating plan you wanted as long as you stick with it for the whole month (I’m doing Plant Paradox 30, some are doing Whole30, some doing Keto and some Paleo). We report what we ate at the end of the day to the group.

The kicker though? You can only weigh yourself on the first day and the last day.

My girls who know me well were like, “Heather, this is going to be fine. Give the scale to someone else for the month.” before I even had time to complain about it.

Yesterday was day 1 and I weighed 189.4.

Anytime Chris complains about something ridiculous I say, “I think you’re going to make it through this crisis.”

I’m going to make it through my scale crisis....maybe.

If you catch me in Walmart looking longingly at the scales, please conduct a swift intervention. Lord knows I’m going to need it.

Scale, I’m sending to you the Svobodas’ garage for 28 days, they’ll take good care of you, I promise. See you soon sweet friend. I’ll miss you. 😢

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