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I'm not..

I’m not....

I’m not an athlete.
I’m not a good cook.
I’m not a morning person.
I’m not good at sales.
I’m not organized.
I’m not a gardener.
I’m not....

Some of these are my own I’m nots, that I’ve said to myself or other people in the past. Some of them are ones that people close to me have told me about themselves.

I used to be just as bad about stating these limiting beliefs as absolute facts. “I’m not a good cook.”

Now though, when someone gives me an “I’m not...” statement as a reason for their shortcoming it drives me CRAZY.

Recently someone said to me, “I’m not a morning person.”

That’s bull. Have you ever worked on consistently training yourself to wake up early? No one LOVES getting out of bed hours before everyone else at first. It’s freaking painful. You’re tired. You have to put in the time and the work to get your body adjusted to doing something new and uncomfortable. You are “not a morning person” because you haven’t worked on becoming a morning person.

“I’m not a good cook.” I used to say this all the time. Now I say, “I don’t cook.” I’m not good at cooking because I’ve never trained myself to be better at cooking. I’m not a good cook because I don’t cook. Weird....🙄

My friend Aaron though, he wasn’t a good cook, so right now he’s training himself on a consistent basis to learn to be a good cook. He’s using a book of recipes with only five ingredients in each recipe to teach himself some actual cooking skills. I’m sure every meal isn’t delicious, but he’s taking the time to train and learn, instead of just making a blanket (and false) statement that he’s not a good cook. I love watching his dinner pictures come across my screen. I’m so proud of him for trying something new and putting in the time. He’s not limited by his “I’m not...”

I’m not an athlete. That’s the most recent limiting belief I stated about myself, to another person nonetheless . In just three weeks of StoryAthlete I’ve trained myself to wake up before the sun and my family, to get my writing done. There’s absolutely no reason I can’t train myself to be an athlete.

I am an athlete...in training.

Are you actually “not” or have you just not put in the time to see if you could be?

What’s the “I’m not...” that’s holding you back?

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